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'03 Season Poem


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'03 Season Poem
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What a Season We've Had! ('03)

We began with a dozen and made it our team. We were ready to go, we were building up steam!

We had our swim party where the fun was plenty and the laughs were hardy!

Our homecoming parade we almost missed, then our parents came up with a last minute assist!

We cheered and danced until our hearts were content then off to Milwaukee Joes for ice cream we went!

We traveled and traveled both near and far, with wins and losses to discuss in our car!

To the fire station we went to do our part. We donated our bears to lift someone elses heart!

At our playoff game it was raining and pouring, but under the tent was certainly not boring!

Oh, the fun we had each week on the side, we made the crowd cheer and their smiles grow wide!

Our boys played hard as we shouted our cheers, until sadly our Super Bowl ended in tears!

One last time together for fun and skating, to look back on the good times of a season thats fading!

Coach Cindy Thomas

To the Cheer Parents:

Thanks for sharing your daughter with me! They are each so precious as we all can see! It was I that was blessed for the glimpse that I got in each their lives. They all have a special place in my heart! ~Coach Cindy

"It will not matter a hundred years from now what kind of car I drove or what kind of house I had, but what matters is that I was important in the life of a child."