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Southlake PeeWee Football Cheerleading Frequently Asked Questions

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My child has never cheered before. Should she/he sign up?
 YES! Our cheerleading program is a non-competitive way for the kids to try out cheerleading. We have cheerleaders who have been with the program 3 and 4 years and cheerleaders who have never cheered before. We try to mix up the squads so that there are some experienced cheerleaders to help out the beginners.

Ages & Residency Requirements
What age does my child have to be to be a Southlake PeeWee Football Cheerleader?
 The program is for kids ages 5-12.

We don’t live in Southlake. Can my child still be a Southlake Cheerleader?
 If your child goes to a Carroll school, but lives outside Southlake (like Grapevine or Keller) she can. If she goes to a Keller or Grapevine or Colleyville school, we need to get permission from that association for her to transfer to ours. If she is at a private school, she can be a Southlake Cheerleader.

Uniforms & Clothing
Why are we wearing the same uniform again?
 While we know the girls like to have some variety, we are under obligation with our supplier Varsity, for the same uniform this year. Next season, we will have a new look.

My daughter has grown but only needs a new top (shell).
 When we priced ordering the uniform separately, the cost totaled over $160. The top was $79 alone. Because Varsity offers a package price for the entire uniform, it was less expensive to offer only the entire uniform. We are sorry for the inconvenience.

My daughter/neighbor/friend wants a cheerleading uniform but is too young or isn’t interested in being a PeeWee football cheerleader.
 We feel being a Southlake PeeWee Football cheerleader is an honor and by only allowing the SPWF cheerleader to wear our uniform it distinquishes them. Also, with only the official cheerleaders wearing the uniform, it will help us recognize who is covered by our insurance (see Fees). But, since we know everyone likes to cheer for the Dragons, we are offering a one-piece cheer outfit for $65. Pom-poms will be an additional $. You can purchase those during our sign-up times listed below.

I heard that at sign-ups, you can also purchase other wearables. Is that true?
 Yes! This year, we will be offering a Practice Outfit, a medium weight warm up jacket and pants, bows, shoes, socks, headwarmers, and some other items. Everything is offered in youth and adult sizes. Anyone can order anything except for the official cheerleader outfit, which only the registered cheerleaders can order.

Where does my $85 go?
 $45 goes to the Tarrant/Dallas Football Association (TDFA) for insurance, trophies, field, referees. $25 goes to the cheer clinic. $7 goes for the T-shirts that the girls receive. The rest goes for advertising, flyers, printing, etc. The Southlake PeeWee Football Association (SPWFA) is a non-profit organization. We are just attempting to cover our costs for the program.

When are sign-ups?
 April 30th 11-4, May 21st 2-6, June 25th 2-6. All signups are at the Lodge at Bicentennial Park.

Why do we have to sign up so early?
 Since the uniforms are custom made, as are many of the other wearables we offer, It takes approximately 8 weeks to receive them.

When is the football season?
 All games are on Saturdays. First game is September 10th. November 5th are the playoffs and November 12th is the Superbowl.

When are practices?
 Practice location and time are decided by your coach. However, we have asked them to limit the days to either Tuesdays or Thursday so that your child can sign-up and participate in other after-school activities.

Squad Assignments
When will I know what team my child is on?
 Since most parents want the cheerleader sister to cheer for her football player brother, we cannot assign teams until the football team is decided. The football teams hold their draft on August 20th. We will assign teams after that. The coaches will call you the following week. You will know which team your child is on by August 27th (Cheer Clinic).

How are teams decided?
 Cheerleaders are placed on football players teams. Coaches are assigned and their children are placed on their teams. While we try to respect other requests, we also need to make sure the teams are evenly spread.

Cheer Clinic
I heard a rumor that the cheer clinic will be different this year. Is that true?
 Yes! We found out about a professional run clinic that costs us very little to host. It will be held August 27th from 9 am. to 3 p.m. Universal Cheer Association will staff it for us. Location will be announced later.

I’ve never coached before but have heard you need coaches.
 We NEED coaches. Hopefully, we will have enough volunteers that you can be an assistant coach your first year. If we don’t, don’t worry. We have a Cheer Coach Guide that answers every question you may have. We will also pair you with an experienced coach. You may decide to hold your practices together so that you learn from her.

You will need to fill out a Coach Application. Because you will be interacting with children, we are required to do a background check.

My junior high/high school daughter is a cheerleader and needs community service hours. Can she help?
 YES!!! She can be paired with a coach and help her out with the practices. Our young cheerleaders are always wanting to learn new side-line cheers and improve their skills.

I’m not sure I want to take on the responsibility of being a coach, but want to help out. What else can I do?
 We always will need Cheer Parents to help coordinate snacks, make the banner and other sports enthusiastic tasks. And, the SPWF Association is always looking for volunteers. Give us a call and we’ll figure out how you can help.

I don’t see my question listed here. Who do I talk to?
 Please contact either Debi Reece at (817) 424-4294 or Michelle Prigge at (817) 329-4775 or


Go Dragons!