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Sha-Boom We are proud of you
Sha, Sha-Boom, ShaSha, Sha-Boom We are proud of you
We need a roll call, Sha-Boom, ShaSha, Sha-Boom Say, We are proud of you
My name is Lindsey – Check
I am a cheerleader - Check California Oranges
I cheer for the Dragons – Check California Oranges, Texas Cactus
So check me out! We think your team needs a little practice
Bet ya five, bet ya ten, bet ya we're gonna win!
B-E-A-T, Beat the Mustangs Open up the barnyard
Beat the Mustangs – Fight! Open up the barnyard - Kick out the hay
We're the girls from the USA
Yo Baby Yo Turn on the radio and who do you hear?
Yo Baby, Yo Baby Yo (repeat) Elvis Presley singing a cheer
Go Dragons, Go Dragons Go (repeat) You gotta F-I-G-H-T, You gotta F-I-G-H-T
Go – Go, Go – Go, Go – Go Dragons (repeat) You gotta fight, fight, fight for the dragons tonight!
(pause, pause) Go Dragons!
Two Bits
Power Two Bits, Four Bits, Six bits, a dollar,
P, P-O, P-O-W-E-R All for the Dragons, stand up and holler!
We got power, whoop, Dragon Power (clap, clap, clap)
Working and Winning
How Funky is your Chicken Working and Winning, we just can't get
How Funky is your Chicken (repeat) enough - Hey, Mustangs (pause/pause) we're tough!
How Loose is your Goose (repeat)
So, come on all you Dragon fans (repeat) Hey Big Green
And shake your caboose (repeat)  - whoo whoo Hey big green we're depending on you,
So hey big green (pause, pause) get mean!
More Power to the Hour  
More power to the hour, more bounce to the ounce Dragons are the best!
We are the Dragons, and we'll -uh- knock you out! Dragons are the best - oh, yes
Dragon are the best!
Push 'Em Back
Push 'em back, Push 'em back - Way back! Move that Ball
Move that Ball, Dragons, Move that Ball (repeat X 3)
Lean to the Left
Lean to the left, Lean to the Right Yell Green, Green
Stand up, Sit down, Fight, Fight, Fight Yell Green, Green, Green, Green
Yell White, White, White , White
We say Number Green, Green, White, White
We say Number, You say One (#1, #1) All together, let's fight!
We say Southlake, You say Dragons (Southlake Dragons)
We say Beat, You say Mustangs (Beat Mustangs) That's OK
That's OK, That's alright
R-O-W-D-I-E Stay in there and fight, fight, fight!
R-O-W-D-I-E that's the way we spell Rowdie
Rowdie, Let's get rowdie - whoo H-E-L-L-O
H-E-L-L-O, hello, Hi my name is Brooke,
Boom Dynamite Cheerleading is my game, I got football on my mind
Boom Dynamite, our team is Boom Dynamite and whoosh I'm mighty fine.
Our team is tick, tick, tick, tick
Hold on, wait a minute, let us boom some Boom in it! Way to go Dragons
Way to go Dragons, way to go (clap, clap)
All My Life
All my life I want to be a cheerleader - Dragons are the Best
Work, work, go baby, sweat, sweat, go baby Dragons are the Best, oh yes, Dragons are the best
All my life I want to be a football player
Down, set - hut, hut, hut Big Apple, Little Apple
Big apple, little apple, Suzy Q
Red Hot The boys kick the ball and girls say whew…
Red hot, Our team is red hot,
Our team is r-e-d, red, h-o-t, hot Hello
Once we start we can't be stopped. 1,2,3,4,5, My name's Marie and I say Hi
6,7,8,9,10, back it up and meet my friend
California Oranges 1,2,3,4,5, We're the Dragons and we say Hi
California Oranges, Texas Cactus 6,7,8,9,10, back it up and that's the end.
We play your team just for practice!
Hold that Line
We are the Dragon girls Hold that line, Dragons, Hold that line
We are the Dragon girls, We wear our hair in curls
Sha - la - la - la - boom - de -a (repeat) We are the Dragons
We wear our daisy shirts, we wear our mini skirts We are the Dragons and we know what we got (A line)
Sha - la - la - la - boom - de -a (repeat) What do you got? (B line)
We don't play with toys, we love our dragon boys We got a team that's hotter than hot. (A line)
Sha - la - la - la - boom - de -a (repeat) How hot is hot? (B line)
Touchdowns and tackles, too. (A line)
Bang, Bang, Choo-Choo Train So what's your point? (B line)
Bang, Bang, Choo-Choo Train We're gonna beat the whoopee out of you! (A line)
Come on Dragons, Do your thing Whoop, whoop (both lines - change places)
Get 'em, Get 'em, Get 'em, Got 'em, Got 'em, Got 'em
Um - we're number one. Hey Big Black (can substitute Green and MEAN)
Hey Big Black - we're depending on you
D-O-W-N So, hey big black (clap/clap) - ATTACK!
Hey Lindsey - Hey what-ty (repeat)
Let me see you get down - No way We Got Spirit!
Show us how to get down - OK We got spirit, yes we do
I said D-O-W-N and that's the way she gets down (repeat) We got spirit, how about you?
We got spirit, yes we do, We got spirit more than you!
There was a little froggie, who sat upon a loggie Totally - For Sure
He cheered for the other team and had no sense at all Totally - for sure - Like I just got a manicure
He fell into the water, and bumped his little head The sun, up there, is bleaching out my gorgeous hair
And when he got back up again, this is what he said… My make-up is smearing, I think I lost an earring
He said, Go, Go, Go, Go you mighty dragons 14 - 24 - I don't know that silly score
Fight, Fight, Fight, Fight you mighty dragons Go - go - fight - fight - Gee, I hope I look all right
Win, Win, Win, Win you mighty dragons
Go, Fight, Win, and bring the trophy in! Dragon Fans
Dragon fans, stand up and cheer
We will rock you We're gonna rock with the white and roll with the green
We will, we will  -  rock you down, shake you up
Like a volcano about to erupt R-O-W-D-Y
Watch out world here we come Let's get a little bit rowdy, R-O-W-D-Y
Dragons fans - We're number one! If you can't hear us, we'll yell a little louder!
Go Green Be Aggressive
Go Green, Go White, Let's go Dragons! Be aggressive, B-E aggressive!
Lollipop Little Sally Walker (Fun game during break)
Criss cross lollipop let me hear your feet stomp Little Sally Walker walking down the street (clap/clap)
Can't hear you….A little louder… She didn't know what to do,
All together…..Go Dragons! So she stopped in front of me and said,
Hey girl do your thing, do your thing and switch (repeat)
Pump It up
Pump, pump, pump it up (repeat) Let's score 6
Pump that dragon spirit up (repeat) Touchdown - Dragons - Let's score 6!
Crank, crank, crank it up (repeat)
Crank that dragon spirit up (repeat) Down by the Banks (Fun game during break)
Keep, keep, keep it up (repeat) Down by the banks of the hanky-panky
Keep that dragon spirit up (repeat) Where the bullfrogs jump from bank to bank
Work, work, work it up (repeat) Eeps, iips, oops, ohps
Work that dragon spirit up (repeat) Frog missed the lilly and he went ker-plop!
Blow, blow, blow it up (repeat)
Blow that dragon spirit up (repeat) Hey All You Dragon Fans
Hey all you dragon fans, stand up and clap your hands
We're the Dragons clap, clap, clap…
We're the Dragon, couldn't be prouder. Now that you've go the beat, this time let's stomp our feet
If you can't hear us, we'll yell a little louder! stomp, stomp, stomp…
Now that you've got the groove, this time let's really move
Color Shout clap and stomp…
What about, what about
What about our color shout Who Rocks the House?
Green, green, green, green Who Rocks the House?
White, white, white, white The Dragons rock the house
Black, black, black, black and when the dragon rock the house
they rock it all the way down
V-I-C-T-O-R-Y (loud and high) We are the Dragons
v-I-c-t-o-r-y (deep and low) Everywhere we go (repeat), People want to know (repeat)
Who we are (repeat), so we tell them (repeat)
Action We are the Dragons (repeat)
A-C-T (clap, clap, clap), I-O-N (clap, clap, clap) The mighty, mighty Dragons (repeat)
Action, action, we want action!
Big and Bad P is for party and A is for alright
We're big, B-I-G, We're bad, B-A-D R is for rowdy and T is for tonight
and we're boss, B-O-S-S, B-O-S-S, B-O-S-S, boss! Y is for you and you know what to do
So let's party
Rock the Boat
Rock the boat, Don't tip it over (repeat) Victory
Hey Macy, Hey what-y (repeat) Split the V (clap, clap, clap), Dot the I (clap, clap, clap)
Can you rock the boat? I might Curve the C (clap, clap, clap), TORY
Can you rock the boat? Allright (Repeat all 3 times) Victory!
She slides, she glides, she gets on the monkey ride
She wants you and you to rock the boat too! Power
P, P-O, P-O-W-E-R
Aloha We've got power, whoop/whoop, Dragon power
Aloha, Howdy - We came to get rowdy!
A-T-T-A-C-K, attack, attack, attack
Fire it Up
Fire it up (clap, clap), fire it up (clap, clap) Razzle Dazzle
Fire it up and up And up and up and up Razzle Dazzle, razzle dazzle, raz-zle, daz-zle
My name is Lindsey and I'm lots of fun
Score 6 And my razzle dazzle has just begun
Touchdown, Dragons, Let's score 6 You'll feel the groove down to your feet
My dragon pride just can't be beat
Ooh, she thinks she's bad
Correction, I know I'm bad
Ooh, she thinks she's sweet
Sweetest girl you'll ever meet!